Study Groups

Study Groups are a place to build community. They're where we do life together.

At Journey, we offer short term, biblically based studies on Sunday morning and at other times during the week.

Our goal is to build relationships with Christ and one another as we study, discuss, and share on a variety of topics

that relate to our daily walk with God. Currently offered:


Wednesday Evening  ZOOM Bible Study

Join us at 7 p.m. each Monday during Lent for a one hour Bible Study and prayer time. Send us an email, or message us through our Facebook page and we'll send you all the information you need to sign in to the meeting. 

Andy Stanley's "Irresistible" Bible Study

Please join us on Sundays following worship through May 23 for "Irresistible" Bible Study. What made the first-century Christians' message so compelling, so defensible, so irresistible? What did they know that we don't? Buckle're about to find out. (No study on Mother's Day.)